Freedom to fail - The Super Mario Effect

Freedom to fail - The Super Mario Effect


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How fear of failure kills creativity and limits learning.

Famously by Zuckerberg(more on this later):

"The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail," said Zuckerberg, during his rousing commencement speech at Harvard.

The Super Mario Effect is a term that refers to the idea of learning through persistence and failure. The concept was named after the classic video game Super Mario Bros., where the player must repeatedly fail and try again to progress through the levels.

The main premise behind the Super Mario Effect is that we can improve our learning and accomplishments by approaching challenges with a game-like mindset. In games, players are motivated by the desire to achieve the next level or reward, which makes them more likely to persist and keep trying after failing. This same approach can be applied to real-life challenges, where we may be more prone to giving up after encountering one or two failures.

The Super Mario Effect underscores the importance of resilience and persistence in achieving our goals. By embracing failure and adopting a game-like attitude, we can increase our chances of success and accomplish our desired outcomes.