Freedom to Fail while Making the world more playful with Candy Crush.

Freedom to Fail while Making the world more playful with Candy Crush.


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Candy Crush Saga was released in November 2012. As of June 2023, there are 14,330 levels in Candy Crush Saga. These levels are grouped into episodes, with each episode containing 15 levels except for the first two episodes, which only have 10 levels each. There are currently 956 episodes in Candy Crush Saga.

What is the designers' MO?

  • There is a great desire to take this amazing game forward, The challenge is that Candy is already an amazing game. The bar is extremely high for doing new awesome things.

We expect people to do great things but they are also allowed to fail. ~ Karin Bergvall Product Director at King Games.

Fun Facts:

  1. 58% of the players are women, while 46% of the players are Gen X, though more youths and children play it.[last updated in 2019].

  2. The game has been translated into over 26 languages.

  3. The blinking hints are purely random.

  4. The candies are added to the board randomly.

  5. Users have spent 73 billion hours on Candy Crush Saga.

     #include <iostream>
     using namespace std;
     int main() {
       int hours = 730000000;
       int days = hours / 24;
       double years = days / 365.25;
       cout << "There are " << days << " days and " << years << " years in 73 billion hours." << endl;
       return 0;

    There are 304,166,667 days and 83,333 years in 73 billion hours.

    • Candy Crush Saga was first developed for Facebook in Flash (ActionScript 3), All gameplay code was later rewritten in C++ and ported to Objective-C for iOS and Java with JNI for Android.
  6. King Digital Entertainment, the original Candy's publisher was acquired for $5.9 billion in 2016 by Activision Blizzard.

  7. Off the back of Candy Crush’s success, King filed for IPO in 2013.

  8. Candy Crush is the sixth highest-grossing mobile game of all time.


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